Mike Sheehan’s Top 50 2012

Players who finished higher than expected

1. Aaron Sandilands (#3): Was an interesting choice at #3, after missing much of 2011 with injury. None of the other Herald Sun ‘experts’ had him in their top 5.
2. Michael Hurley (#3): Is a top 50 player, but 25th seemed a little high considering he was put in front of Goddard, N. Reiwoldt and Enright.
3. Michael Jamison (#35): Possibly the most bizarre choice of the whole list, being placed at #35 with only playing 14 games in 2011 (and not setting the world on fire in those games let’s be honest). Finished 15 spots in front of the All-Australian Centre Half Back of 2011 (Ben Reid).

Players who should have finished higher

1. Dane Swan (#9): After winning the Brownlow in 2011 you would have thought he would have finished a bit higher than 9th.
2. Sam Mitchell (#13): One of the elite midfielders in the competition an came very close to polling most votes in the brownlow of 2011. Should have been a top 10 player.
3. Jack Reiwoldt (#22): Won the coleman in 2010 and came equal 2nd last year whilst carrying injuries and having much less oppurtinities than most of the other premier fowards. Should have definitely featured in the top 12.
4. Nick Reiwoldt (#29): In a similar boat to his cousin Jack, still regarded as one of the best Spearhead fowards in the competition, top 20 player without a doubt.
5. Matthew Boyd (#36): In my eyes the worst call of the whole top 50, probably the best in and under player going around averaging 32 touches a game in 2011. Has carried the whole Bulldogs side for a while now and is easily in the best 15 players playing in the AFL currently.
6. Nick Dal Santo (#37): Had another big year in 2011 and was Stkilda’s best midfielder by a country mile. Should have finished a bit higher.
7. Bryce Gibbs: Asserted himself as one of the best half back/Mid players in 2011, finished 2nd in the league for Marks taken. Would have had him much higher myself.

Players unlucky to miss out all together

1. Andrew Swallow: Cannot comprehend how this man wasn’t featured at all, has taken his game to the next level the last couple seasons, clearly North Melbournes best player.
2. Scott Thompson: Very stiff to not get a mention in the top 50, averaged over 30 possessions a game in 2011. Should have been a top 30 player.
3. Josh Kennedy: Kicked 59 goals for the year, finished 4th in the Coleman and was West Coasts best Foward. Top 40 player.
4. Andrew Walker: Kicked 56 goals in 2011, had his career revitalised playing up foward. Could have definitely been slotted in somewhere.


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